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St. Michael Hospital's general practitioners offer a broad spectrum of primary care....
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St. Michael International Hospital provides affordable and accurate knowledge through health screening which will empower people to make better decisions......
A team that is constructed of a group of prominent Orthopaedic, sports medicine and rehabilitation experts...
St. Michael Hospital, International Hospital Shanghai

Welcome To St. Michael Hospital!

A member of multinational APM Group. St. Michael Hospital is offering leading edge medical service and technology to both expat and local patients in Shanghai.

St. Michael Hospital is an International Hospital situated in Changning district (Gubei area) serving a large community of expatriates and locals since 2009. We are staffed by internationally trained and experienced healthcare specialists and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities. In 2009, St. Michael Hospital became part of the Asia Pacific Medical (APM) Group, a leading medical service provider founded in 1992 by 35 American physicians and surgeons. APM Group has further enabled St. Michael Hospital to build partnerships with medical providers both in China and around the world.

Our vision is to serve its clients by providing high quality medical services at affordable rates. St. Michael provides service in English, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, Tagalog (Filipino), Bahasa Indonesia, Nepali and Chinese. St. Michael has more than 22 medical services and over 32 specialists in a variety of different fields.

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Health Alert

Tips for Healthy Ageing

  • Quit smoking: This is the first and foremost critical step that you can take in order to improve your health and combat age related health complications. Smoking kills by causing deadly diseases like cancer, strokes and heart failure. If you were a smoker in your younger years and if you still are, it is not too late to quit this fatal habit.


  • Stay Active: Make it a daily routine to undertake something that keeps you fit and active. Let it be something that promotes strength, balance and flexibility and most importantly, something that you enjoy. Physical activity is critical for maintaining a healthy weight, controlling illness, promoting bone strength and reducing stress.


  • Prevent Accidental Falls: Elderly people are especially vulnerable to accident falls. They can be prevented by making small changes around your house like removing loose rugs and carpets, keeping walking paths free of cords and clutters and using night lights for hallways. Wearing good friction supporting shoes has been observed to significantly prevent falls.

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Dear Dr. Achal and St. Michael Hospital Staff. Thanks so much for your support and service during my operation. Dr. Achal is a very hands-on doctor that cares a lot for his patients. I feel safe and cared for under his care. The staffs at the hospital are very helpful, friendly and professional. I never once felt afraid because I knew Dr. Achal and Dr. John will take good care of me. Thanks for everything.
John Botha | Teacher