Denis Boisseau
After extensive study in France and mentoring from recognized osteopaths,Dr. Denis provides a wide range of osteopathy treatments including joints manipulations, muscular, soft tissue, visceral and cranial treatments.
Dr. Denis focuses on releasing pain and addressing several functional problems (low energy, sleeplessness, digestive disorders, urinary/fertility weaknesses, etc.). He is specialized in deep trauma healing, chronic or acute pain management, psychosomatic rehabilitation, treating dental disorders (including temporomandibular joint disorders and malocclusion) by applying various therapies (Neuromuscular Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, etc.) to assist the body's innate healing capacity and restore optimal functioning to all systems.
Dr. Denis use an holistic approach to treat the root cause of pain or symptoms. He is very efficient as preventive medicine to avoid pain or prevent some chronic pathologies. He is also very efficient to address pain or symptoms that didn't alleviate with other therapies.
Dr. Denis is passionate about improvingn and maintaining healthy condition. On top of regular post-graduate osteopathic training, he also keep studying subject related to health improvement (dietetic, physical training, health gymnastic, addiction release, ...).
Dr. Denis is also dedicated to share knowledge with other therapists. He has strong investment in the work group of French Health Professionals in Shanghai.
English, French