Dr. Joseph
Rehabilitation Physician

Dr. Joseph is your rehabilitation physician and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Arthritis, Sports Injuries, and Motor Vehicle Injuries.  He completed his clinical training as follows:

Rochester and Canandaigua VA Hospital (New York, USA): Clinical Intern, focusing on post-traumatic and post-surgical rehabilitation

University of California – Los Angeles (California, USA)): Visiting Scholar, focusing on cancer rehabilitation

Monroe Community Hospital (New York, USA): Clinical Intern, focusing on geriatric rehabilitation   

Dr. Joseph has also served as School Physician at the French High School of Seoul (Lycée Français de Séoul) and Team Doctor for various Taekwondo and Kendo martial arts clubs.  

By combining rehabilitation, pain management, and chiropractic care along with physiotherapy, Dr. Joseph and his team achieve optimal rehabilitation results and maximize your quality of life.  He offers gentle, non-force manipulative therapy options and strives to consistently offer personalized treatment options for the optimal health and wellness of you and your family.    

English, Korean, and French