Dr. bianco bian
  • orthopaedic surgeon, master of medicine.
  • It is good at minimally invasive treatment of traumatic orthopedics, spine surgery, joint surgery, hand-foot surgery and traditional surgical treatment.
  • He have been engaged in orthopaedic surgery for 10 years, and have accumulated rich experience in the clinical, scientific research and teaching of orthopedics surgery, and the main types of orthopedic surgery have been performed in hundreds of cases.
  • In 2014, he went to study spinal surgery in shanghai changzheng orthopaedic hospital, and taught professor ye xiaojian, a leading expert on spinal surgery in China, to further improve the technique of spinal minimally invasive surgery.
  • Focusing on the minimally invasive treatment of orthopaedic surgery, the technique of "minimally invasive insertion with internal stents" successfully cured a large number of fracture patients.
  • Currently working on the research and technology of minimally invasive aperture lens technology.
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