Fertility Specialist, Consultant

Fertility Center, Shuguang Hospital affiliated to

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. GQ Tong graduated in Medical School of Xi’AN Jiaotong University. He achieved his Master degree  in Clinical Embryology in 1999 and Doctor degree of Philosophy in year of 2004, in National Universityof Singapore. He accomplished his Post-Doctor Training in Genome institute of Singapore working on Stem Cell and Developmental Biology.

Dr. TONG has been working as OBGY clinician and Fertility Specialist in Canton, Nanjing and Shanghai. He started his Fertility career twenty-five years ago with first IVF baby born. Since then, he specialized in fertility treatment, particularly on in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. Now is the ceo of fertility center of Shuguang Hospital of Shanghai. He is a specialist on both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine on fertility treatment. He likes mild or moderate stimulation for IVF treatment with less injection of hormones combined with herbal medicine and acupuncture. In this way, women patients feel much more comfortable with less side effect of ovarian stimulation as well as producing eggs with high quality. Particularly, Chinese acupuncture applied to IVF treatment is quite effective to help repeated IVF failures. His team help infertile couples to make 500 to 600 babies annually in recent years. More and more difficult cases come to see him from overseas such as USA, Canada, Japan, Turkey and Spain.

 VIP patient is available  in Puhua Temple hospital since  2018 . 

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