Dr. Kiran .MD
Orthopedic Surgery
  • St.michael hospital  OrthopedicDepartment.
  • The member of Asian Association of Dynamic Osteosynthesis.
  • Received fellowship at Tohoku University, Japan in Trauma, TKA, Knee Arthroscopy training.
  • Good at hand and foot surgery- ligament and tendon repair and open fracture management, done multiple cases of Capral tunnel release, trigger finger release, Dupuytren’s disease management both surgical and through percutaneous needle release.
  • Managing Sports medicine cases both Conservative and Operative.
  • Management of Rheumatology cases like Rheumatoid Arthritis involving joints both through conservative management, arthroscopic debridement and joint lavage.
  • Been working on a research with use of Vitamins on Articular Cartilage and soft tissue and has proven to show excellent results.  
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