Dr. Li Aihua
M.D. of surgery graduated from Fudan University.

M.D. of surgery graduated from Fudan University. Postdoctoral fellow in Thomas Jefferson University, USA. Chief urologist, associate professor, adviser of doctoral students and former chairman of department of urology, Yang Hospital, Tongji University. The 4th batches of professional and technical talent in Baoshan District of Shanghai and the 7th batches of professional and technical talent in Yang District of Shanghai.


Academic Awards:

As the first contributor, achieved the 2015 Annual China Medical Science and Technology Award (华夏医学科技奖), the 2014 Annual Shanghai Technical Invention Award (上海市技术发明奖),the 1999 Annual Chinese National AwardofScience and Technology Progress in Sports and Exercise (国家体育总局体育科技进步奖), the 2010 Annual Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award (上海医学科技奖), the 1998 Annual Shanghai Clinical Medical Achievement Award (上海市临床医疗成果奖), the 2012 Annual Shanghai Outstanding Invention Award (上海市优秀发明奖) and the 1995, the 1999, the 2001 and the 2005 Annual Shanghai Baoshan Science and Technology Progress Award (上海市宝山区科技进步奖).


Invention Patents and Monographs:

As the first inventor, obtained 1 international invention patent, 1 national invention patent and 6 utility model patents. As the first author or corresponding author, published 125 papers, among which, 22 papers were published in SCI journals. As chief editor or editorial member, published 6 academic monograph. As international editorial member, edited 2nd edition and 3rd edition of The 5-minnute Urology Consult, USA.

Post in Medical Professional Societies:

Member of the 1st Andrology Committee of Chinese Medical Association, Member of the 5th Committee of Shanghai Urological Association, Member of the 5th, the 6th and 7th Committee of Shanghai Society of Andrology. Specialist in Expert Database to Assess Medical Technology and Clinical Application Ability in Shanghai Medical Association. Specialist in Shanghai Urological Consultation Center. Committee Member of Urology Society of Shanghai Association for non-Government Medical Institution.

Medical Expertise:

Diagnosis and treatment of urinary diseases. Focus on minimally invasive surgery to urolithiasis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and bladder tumor. Visited and studied in department of urology of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, USA for three times.

Major Medical Contributions:

The original technology, Transurethral Cystolithotripsy with AH-1 Stone Removal System, was selected as Promotion Project of Advanced Appropriate Technology inShanghai Health System. It was cited and recommended by the international guideline for the diagnosis and treatment, STONE DISEASES, A Joint SIU-ICUD International Consultation. The book, Application of AH-1 Stone Removal System in the Treatment of Bladder Calculi, was published by Tongji University Press. The original technology was presented in the 35th Congress of the Société Internationaled'Urologie, the 4th Symposium on Affordable New Technologies in Urology and the 34th World Congress of Endourology.

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Another original technique, Transurethral Resection and Degeneration of Bladder Tumor (TURD-Bt). In the 12 Year Review, Bladder tumor recurrence was 5.81% in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer(NMIBC) and 36.73% for muscle invasive bladder cancer(MIBC). Metastasis was 4.65% in NMIBC and 8.16% for MIBC. Cancer death was 1.16% for NMIBC and 12.24% for MIBC. 5-year overall survival was 85.34% for NMIBC, 66.34% for MIBC. Compared with the current Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBt), the surgical outcome in Chinese Guideline for the Diagnosis and Treatmentthe to Urological Diseases has been greatly improved. To NMIBC, the tumor recurrence of 50%-90%/60 months has been decreased to 5.81%/53.26 months. The original technology was selected as Candidate of the Best Paper Awards in the 34th World Congress of Endourology, presented in the 36th Congress of the Société Internationaled'Urologie and the 5th Symposium on Affordable New Technologies in Urology.

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