Dr. Wen Wei
Pelvic floor Surgery

Wen Wei, deputy chief physician graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 1994, clinical medicine. Now he is the the team leader of the department of “female pelvic medicine and reconstruction surgey”, Shanghai General Hospital, Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The International continence Association , International Pelvic Floor Disease Association, China Medical Association pelvic floor rehabilitation group members, the Chinese Medical Association Pelvic floor and pelvic pain group members, Shanghai Urinary Control and Plastic Association, Shanghai Medical Association Professional Committee.


1 Treatment of various types of urinary urinary incontinence;

2 Minimally invasive treatment of various types of urinary incontinence;

3 Bladder pacemaker installation and commissioning;

4 Systematic treatment of neurogenic bladder and urethral dysfunction;

5 Pelvic organ prolapse minimally invasive surgery;

6 Urodynamic examination and analysis, pelvic floor function assessment, female sexual dysfunction;

7 Female genitourinary beauty, reconstruction.

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