Dr. Ying Jian
Urological Surgery M.D. Postdoctoral, Research Supervisor


Member of the world federation of Chinese medicine society, the executive director, deputy secretary-general, Engaged in clinical research for 30 years and have been recognized by patients with good clinical efficacy. Published more than 50 papers, including 4 SCI papers. Participated in the preparation of two textbooks for traditional Chinese medicine. Won the third prize of Chinese medical science and technology.


     Using Chinese herbal medicine, combined with acupuncture, moxibustion, application of umbilicus and other treatments for chronic prostatitis; Infertility (little essence, weak essence, purulent, dead essence, deformed sperm, semen non-liquefaction, etc.); Sexual dysfunction (impotence, premature ejaculation, Yang qiang, low sexual desire, hypersexuality, non-ejaculation, etc.); Diagnosis and treatment of sexual function between couples;Female, male genitourinary infection (urinary tract infection, genital tract infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.); Urogenital tumor; And all kinds of urologic andrology complicated diseases.

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