The Department of Gynecology is dedicated to doing everything possible to provide women with the most advanced care available. Each stage in a woman’s life brings with it specific issues. Women need to feel as if they have a trusted advocate and partner to help and navigate them through all stages of life and works hard to provide comprehensive care.














Every woman, have many questions about how to best manage her health.  Each stage in a woman’s life brings with it specific issues:

  • Routine care
  • Birth control
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

St. Michael Hospital offers a full spectrum of women's healthcare services - from yearly checkup, pre-natal care and post-natal to specialized gynecologic care. Our physicians are respected experts in all areas of women’s health.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding patient-centered care for women in a wide range of obstetric, gynecologic and other women's health concerns.

A woman’s health needs change throughout her life. St. Michael Hospital is uniquely capable of meeting those diverse needs through attentive and thorough gynecology services.

We know that great care goes beyond routine exams; it also involves listening to a woman’s specific concerns and alleviating any fears. That’s why we believe in fully treating the physical and emotional needs of every woman we serve.