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St. Michael Hospital has excellent surgeons, high-quality technology and personalized medical services, with laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery as the core technology, providing a variety of minimally invasive surgeries and day care surgery.

Our hospital has successfully performed laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic appendectomy, laparoscopic hernia repair (TAPP or TEP), thyroidectomy, and mastectomy as well as other surgeries. Laparoscopic surgery has the advantages of small incisions, less pain, faster recovery, less use of analgesics, shorter hospitalization time, no scars and many other advantages. It is highly praised by the patients.

Gallbladder Diseases: Gallbladder stones and polyps, acute and chronic cholecystitis, bile duct stones; hepatic cysts, liver abscesses, intrahepatic bile duct stones, and spleen and pancreatic diseases requiring surgery.
Hernia Diseases: Indirect and direct hernias, incision or central hernias
Gastrointestinal Diseases: Appendicitis, lysis of adhesions and obesity.
Thyroid: Nodular goiter, thyroid adenoma, hyperthyroidism.
Anorectal: Internal and external hemorrhoids, fissures.
Breast: Lipoma, nodules and cancer

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