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Patient medical phone: (+86) 21 5155 1858 (8:30~18:30)


Neurology department

The team of neuro-medical experts of St. Michael Hospital provides high-quality medical care to patients and their families by maintaining an open channel for communication and face-to-face patient care.
We firmly believe that the correct diagnosis is the first step in the treatment of disease. Pain is only one function of the patient’s nervous system. Experienced neuro-medical experts can correctly diagnosis and create a comprehensive treatment plan, offering multiple treatment options to meet the needs of patients.

The Department of Neurology in our hospital specializes in the following therapy:
1. Seizures.
2. Multiple sclerosis and inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system.
3. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases
4. Peripheral neuropathy
5. Myopathy
6. Nerve injury, including carpal tunnel syndrome.
7. Neuromuscular disorders