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Gynecology is committed to providing women with advanced care. Every stage of a woman's life is accompanied by some special problems. Women need a trusted supporter and partner to help guide them through all stages of their lives and provide them with comprehensive health care.

Day-to-day care
Birth control

St. Michael Hospital provides women with a wide range of health care services - from annual physical examination, to prenatal and postnatal care, and professional gynecological care. Our doctors are renowned experts in various fields of women's health care.
We are proud of our ability to provide excellent patient-centered health care in obstetrics, gynecology and a range of other women's health issues.
Women's health needs change throughout their lives. St. Michael Hospital uniquely meets the diverse needs of women's health through dedicated and comprehensive services.
We know that good care is more than just a routine physical examination. It involves listening to women's specific concerns and alleviating their fear of disease. That's why we believe that the services we offer are comprehensive treatment for every woman with physical and psychological needs.

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