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Medical team

Dr. Hai Hu(Consulting physician)Shanghai No. 6 People's Hospital, Department of Orthopedics, Deputy Chief Physician
Medical expertise: Minimally invasive treatment of hip and knee injuries and their disorders. Focused on arthroscopic surgery for acetabular impact syndrome, hip synovitis, periarticular diseases, etc.; knee joint...
Department: Orthopedics
Dr.Jianwei Chen(Consulting physician)Shanghai Renji Hospital, East Department of orthopedics, Department of orthopedics (spine surgery), deputy chief physician, doctor
Member of spine Committee, Youth Commission, eleventh Committee of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Shanghai Committee of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, spine Special...
Department: Orthopedics
Dr.Fucun Liu(Consulting physician)Shanghai Tongren Hospital, Department of orthopedics (joint surgery), deputy chief physician, doctor, postdoctoral
Member of the Chinese Academy of Integrative Medicine Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association osteonecrosis group, Shanghai Tongren Hospital Medical treatment is good at 1. Surgical treatment of o...
Department: Orthopedics
Dr.Peiliang Fu(Consulting physician)Shanghai Long March Hospital, Department of Orthopedics (Joint Surgery), Deputy Chief Physician, Associate Professor, Postgraduate Tutor, Doctor
Senior visiting scholar of University of Western Ontario in Canada, AAOS member of North America SICOT (international orthopaedic and traumatized Society) member of the Shanghai branch of the Chin...
Department: Orthopedics
Dr.Yunhai Zhang. PhD,MD
Major in joint replacement 、sports medicine 、trauma and experienced with conservative treatment in back pain and neck pain.
Department: Orthopedics