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Dr.Yunli Zhu(Consulting physician)

  • Department: Orthopedics
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Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Department of orthopedics, deputy chief physician, associate professor, Ph.D.

Wednesday 3-4pm by appointment

Associate director of orthopedics, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Doctor of Clinical Medicine, associate professor, associate director of joint surgery, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, associate professor, academic leader of arthroscopic sports medicine, chief consultant. Member of Shanghai Sports Medicine Specialist Branch, Member of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Group of Orthopaedics Branch of China Medical and Health International Exchange Promotion Association, Member of Shoulder and Elbow Sports Medicine Specialist Committee of China Medical and Educational Association, Member of Joint Surgery Committee of Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine.

Medical expertise: 1. Shoulder arthroscopic surgery (rotator cuff injury, dislocation of shoulder joint, periarthritis of shoulder / frozen shoulder); 2. Knee arthroscopic surgery (meniscus injury, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injury, patellar dislocation, cartilage injury, free body, synovitis effusion); 3. Ankle arthroscopic surgery (talus necrosis, repeated sprain, free shoulder) Body, effusion; 4. Arthroscopic hip surgery (hip pain, femoral acetabular impingement, effusion); 5. plantar pain (fasciitis, bone spurs); 6. Arthroscopic elbow surgery (intractable tennis elbow) 7. Painless unicondylar knee arthroplasty (medial knee osteoarthritis) 8. Painless knee arthroplasty 9. Painless total hip arthroplasty