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Dr.Shengwu You(Consulting physician)

  • Department: Anesthesiology Department
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Personal profile:
Senior medical consultant, atmont hospital, Shanghai
One of the founders of Shanghai Keyan medical group
Invited experts from Shanghai Tiantan Pu Hua Hospital
Chief physician of Anesthesiology Department

Professor Yu Weifeng of the Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, Professor Yu Buwei of Ruijin Hospital and Professor Zhang Fujun have successively taken up posts in Shenyang Military Region General Hospital, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and the Earl of Ren General Hospital of Macao Special Administrative Region. He was the first director of Anesthesiology and ICU of surgery in the Chekiang Cilin Hospital of CHc and the medical director of the Ruikang Hospital of CHC Zhenjiang.
Medical treatment is good at:
1. all kinds of surgery and examination, perioperative management, anesthesia, sedation and analgesia.
2. is especially good at cardiovascular surgery and cardiovascular anesthesia.