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Medical team

Dr.Jiwen Wang(Consulting physician)Shanghai Children's Medical Center, Chief physician, Ph.D., Postgraduate Tutor
Member of the China Anti-Epilepsy Association and member of the Chinese Disabled Rehabilitation Association. Engaged in diagnosis and treatment of children with neurological diseases, specializing in epil...
Department: neurology
Dr. Hua Peng(Consulting physician)Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Neurology Department, Associate Professor, Masters degree Supervisor
In 2014, she participated in an exchange with the Royal Hospital Affiliated with Melbourne University. She is currently a member of the Pain and Sensory Abnormalities Speciality Committee of the Chines...
Department: neurology
Dr. Peng Du(Consulting physician)Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Neurology, Deputy Chief Physician, Professor
Specializes in clinical diagnosis, treatment and research focused on dizziness, headache, epilepsy, sleep disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, and demyelinating diseases, as well as emergency treatment of critical ...
Department: Neurology
Dr. Yulei DengShanghai Ruijin Hospital, Neurology Department, Chief Physician, Professor
Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, paroxysmal disease, headache, sleep disorders, cerebrovascular diseases and other nervous system diseases. Especially proficient in diagnosi...
Department: Neurology
Dr. Paul ZhangSt. Michael Hospital, Internal Medicine Physician
Over 16 years’ clinical experience, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other extra pyramidal diseases, cerebral vascular disease, epilepsy, headache and other common medical dis...
Department: Neurology
Dr. Xunyi Wu (Consulting physician)Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Neurology, Chief Physician
Specializes in adult refractory epilepsy, childhood epilepsy syndrome, and infections of the central nervous system, rheumatic immune disease, and mitochondrial disease.
Department: Neurology
Dr. Guoxing Zhu (Consulting physician)Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Neurology, Chief Physician
Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases such as epilepsy, headache, sleep disorders, neuralgia and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as interpretation and analysis of EEG.
Department: Neurology