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Special services

Sports Medicine Center

St. Michael Hospital Sports Medicine Center provides comprehensive quality health care and treatment for sports-related problems, joint problems and orthopedic problems to our patient so they can return to their active life.



v  Rehabilitation: We take advantage of advanced technology to provide a high level of medical treatment. Using manipulative correction, exercise therapy, shock waves, intramuscular binding and other physical therapy techniques that provides safe and effective treatment.
v   PRP Therapy: It is an advance treatment that uses natural methods that have no side effects or allergic reaction to help with a range of sports related issues, join problems and musculoskeletal injuries. It have a significant effect in treating tennis elbow, knee arthritis, Achilles tendinitis and chronic tendon injuries.
v  Minimally Invasive Surgery:  performing minimally invasive surgery like arthroscopic repairs of sports injuries and microscopic treatment of complex musculoskeletal conditions, attempts to minimize the size of surgical incisions and the trauma caused during surgery while accomplishing the same outcome. This results in less risk during surgery, less post-operative pain and shorter recovery times.
v  Sports Guidance:  qualified physicians will provide a (knowledge/education) on prevention and guidance for sports and physical injuries.

Doctors and lecturers

Dr. Kiran Kumar Shah

Preparation for Caudal epidural for lumbar radiculopathy and other low back problems;

OA osteoarthritis, osteochondritis, patello-femoral pain syndrome, and for many knee problems.;
Adhesive Capsultis, tendinitis, tendinosis, tendinopathy, later and medial epicondylitis, cervical spondylosis, torticollis, muscle strain, not in sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome, treat all kinds of bursitis, Hip joint pain, sacroilitis, haglund’s deformity, hallux rigidis, bunion, Trigger finger and many more.

Dr. Qunming Bian

Specializes in both minimally-invasive and traditional surgical treatment of traumatic orthopedics of the spine, joint, hand and foot.

Dr. Henry Chen

Bachelor's Degree in Chiropractic Medicine, Royal College of Melbourne  
Fudan University, Doctor of Sports Medicine
St. Michael Hospital, Rehabilitation Physician 

Specializes in sports injuries, spinal and autonomic nervous system disorders. Especially proficient in sports injuries, spinal disorders, joint problems of knees, shoulders, and ankles, and treating children with abnormal development issues.