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Special services

Chiropractic treatment


Chiropractic therapy has been popular among the western population for many years and has entered the medical insurance system in Europe and America. Spinal neuro therapy focuses on diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, as well as the effects of disease on overall health.
Our spinal neuro therapy team, from the United States, has excellent diagnostic skills, treatment, and rehabilitation exercises using manipulation and instruments, as well as counseling on nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Spine therapy is suitable for all ages from infants to pregnant women and adults.


1. Spinal alignment techniques are used to alleviate spinal stiffness and soft tissue symptoms that may occur in your body due to poor posture, traffic accidents, falls, or even incorrect sleeping positions.
2. A spine therapist can also adjust your head and neck bones to help relieve headache and pain.

Doctors and lecturers

Dr. Henry Chen

Specializes in sports injuries, spinal and autonomic nervous system disorders. Especially proficient in sports injuries, spinal disorders, joint problems of knees, shoulders, and ankles, and treating children with abnormal development issues.