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Patient medical phone: (+86) 21 5155 1858 (8:30~18:30)

Special services

First Aid & CPR Training


St. Michael Hospital, as the first educational center and  training partner of ASHI in Mainland China, organizes First Aid and CPR training program. The professional medical team provides systematic learning of First Aid and CPR knowledge, and issuance of international certification by ASHI. This training has been design to learn the basic standard of first aid to the general public and lay person to impart a wide spectrum of knowledge spanning the basic principles of immediate action to be taken in emergency situations

The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) training programs are developed and administered by the Health and Safety Institute (HSI).

ASHI training programs are equivalent to the training programs developed and administered by the American Heart Association, Inc. (AHA) and the the American National Red Cross (ARC).

ASHI certification has been recognized by nearly 2,400 national regulatory bodies, career licensing committees, national associations, committees and councils worldwide, and has been approved as an industry certificate required by more than 550 professional and professional councils.

For more inquiry and to arrange a training for you please call: 51551858-8608

Doctors and lecturers

Dr. Sanjeev Choubey

Medical Doctor (MD) specializing in General Medicine, Diabetes, Hypertension and Infectious Disease.

Dr. Jerry Tian

Vaccination, Baby check-ups, Respiratory tract infection, Hyper-reactive airway diseases, Asthma treatment and prevention, Gastro-intestinal tract disease, Skin problems, Ear and eye infections, and Minor surgeries.

Dr. Sunny Shi

First aid and emergency care for critically patients, sports injuries and neurological rehabilitation. Specializes in treatment  of asthma and chronic osteomyelitis.