Our History

The Asia Pacific Medical (APM) Group is an American founded international medical concern, which has been providing world class healthcare to China and South East Asia since it’s founding in 1995.

With 22 Clinics in Asia and 7 Hospitals in China, APM is the fastest growing International healthcare provider in China.

A member of multi-national APM Group, St. Michael Hospital is offering leading edge medical service and technology to both expat and local patients in Shanghai.

St. Michael Hospital is an International Hospital located in Changning district (Gubei area) serving a large community of expatriates and locals since 2007. We are staffed by internationally trained and experienced healthcare specialists and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities. In 2009, St. Michael Hospital became part of the Asia Pacific Medical (APM) Group, a leading medical service provider founded in 1995 by 35 American physicians and surgeons. APM Group has further enabled St. Michael Hospital to build partnerships with medical providers both in China and around the world.

Our vision is to serve its clients by providing high quality medical services at affordable rates. St. Michael provides service in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, Tagalog (Filipino), Nepali and Chinese. St. Michael has more than 22 medical services and over 32 specialists in a variety of different fields.





Promoting healthcare to the common masses with the growing needs of society by providing quality and affordable healthcare with commitment.


The SMH  is committed to serve the cause of millions who seek dedicated quality and affordable healthcare through its multi-super specialty facility, the SMH Hospital. With advanced healthcare facilities, the latest diagnostic services and state-of-the-art technology focused on medical specialties, the SMH Hospital strives to be the ultimate choice for medical care.

Core Values
  • Quality: We shall maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving outcomes
  • Innovation: We welcome and encourage change and continuously seek better and more efficient ways to target success
  • Teamwork: We shall collaborate and share knowledge, for the advancement of our mission
  • Service: We strive to exceed our patients and fellow colleagues expectations for comfort and convenience
  • Integrity: We adhere to the highest moral and professional standards of honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency
  • Compassion: We adhere to provide a caring and supportive environment for all our patients, their families and fellow colleagues