Our Insurance Partners

St. Michael Hospital's insurance partners strive to provide high quality, affordable healthcare.  For the convenience of our valued patients, we are continually working to expand the list of insurance companies with whom we have direct billing arrangement. Please consult your insurance provider for more information.

  • For new patients, please bring any identification card (ID) to support your insurance card.
  • Please clarify the extent of your coverage directly with your insurance company (either through HR / Broker / Numbers and Emails on the back of membership card or client website) PRIOR to your admission.
  • For planned admissions your insurance company will issue a Letter of Guarantee / Guarantee Of Payment (GOP).
  • For emergency admissions please notify your insurance company during your stay, they will then contact the hospital regarding coverage.
  • Please note that St. Michael Hospital will not handle insurance claims once you have been discharged from the hospital.
  • For other insurance providers that are not listed, you need to pay upfront and reimburse it to your insurance provider / issuer. We can help you arrange any supporting documents for your insurance claim.
  • Please bring your insurance card at all times for any future clarification or concerns.