Preparing for Your Appointment

Before Your Appointment

Please check with your insurance company to see if you are covered for services at St. Michael Hospital. When you come for your appointment, be prepared to pay any deductible and/or co-insurance identified by your insurance plan. If you have any questions about your medical benefits, call Outpatient Services at (86) 21 5155 1858.

Bringing What You Need

It is very important that you bring everything necessary to your appointment. 

  • Insurance card, including the insurer's name and address, and the patient's policy number
  • Photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport
  • Cash, check, major credit card, or local debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Unionpay) to pay for services not covered by insurance
  • Medical records, X-rays, lab test results, and/or pathology slides--if you are coming here for a second opinion. 
  • All current medications or a list of current medications, how much of each you take, and how often you take it.