Traditional Chinese Medicine

St. Michael Hospital Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine offer wellness and longetivity. Our center brings a healthier, more peaceful and balanced way of living and are dedicated to providing the best acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and integrative theraputic healing treatments to optimize your body’s intrinsic healing potential. Our doctors’ deep understanding of both Chinese herbology and western medicine allows them to safely design individual and specific treatments targeted especially for your needs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice that includes herbal remedies, acupuncture and massage therapy. Our Chinese medical practitioners use cultural beliefs to interpret the states of wellbeing and any disharmony in the equilibrium of Yin and Yang or disturbance of their flow can cause imbalance. 

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based on prevention as much as it is highly effective on long-term, chronic patterns that afflict so many of you. Using raw, natural herbs are safe, affordable and have virtually no side effects. Many doctors as well as chemists agree about the synthesizing of natural substances in which they state that there is still no way to copy nature. This is why most chemical prescriptions have a side effect warnings attached to them. TCM has the ability to promote and maintain a standard of health which comes from a persons own ability to regulate and ward-off disease factors. Each of us is a microcosmic unit of elements, emotions and spirit. By helping you to harmonize these three aspects robust health can be attained. A person can stay on the herbs indefinitely because they are just that, herbs, found growing naturally on the earth, natures healing gift to all. We suggest, in the least, a detox, yin and yang type formula once a month to regulate and promote the body's natural healing process.