Urology and Andrology

The Urology and Andrology Departments of St. Michael Hospital

The Urology Dept of St Michael Hospital invites many experts and famous doctors in municipal hospitals in Shanghai in these specific fields. We can treat these diseases as below:

-Urological Cancer: kidney cancer; carcinoma of urinary bladder;prostatic cancer.

-Urolithiasis:  nephrolith; ureteral calculi.

-Dysfunction of Urination: hyperplasia of prostate gland; nerve department of urology.

-Female Urology Dept: incontinentia urinae; pelvic floor repair.

-Urinary tract infection: urethritis; Cystitis; mycoplasma infection; chlamydia infection; gonorrhea;nongococcal rethritis.

-Department of Urology for children: hypospadias; infantile cryptorchidism; phimosis in children.


The Andrology Deptof St Michael Hospital,depending on the plenty of the famous doctors in municipal hospitals in Shanghai, can provide a standard system of diagnosis and treat. Especiallycombine the treatment of Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine,including Chinese herbal medicine,acupuncture,massage etc. giving the patients with systermatized therapy.

-Male infertility:includes oligoasthenospermia and azoospermia.Especially we can provide a full set of detection and treatment, such as semen analysis, ultrasound of reproductive system, gene sequencing of fertility and surgery.

-Microsurgery for andrology dept:microscopic varicocelectomy;microscopic reconstruction gential tract;micro TESE and other all kinds of sperm aspiration.

-Other feature surgery include: circumcise by plastic method; vasectomy; etc.

-Male sexual dysfunction: erectile dysfunction;premature ejaculation; defective ejaculation.

-Prostatitis:chronic prostatitis; mycoplasma infection; chronic pelvic pain syndrome; etc. We can provide massage of prostate by experienced doctor.

-Male health: testicular pain; adolescent sexual education;reproductive health guidance for newlyweds;male hormone abnormalities and male anti-aging.