Grace Lin
Certified psychological counselor.
She has been engaged in psychological counseling for long, accumulated a wealth of experience,received good reviews from clients.
She worked as a psychological counselor in her own psychological counseling center in China.She also served for psychological counseling hotline in Youth Department of Shanghai government. She worked as a psychological counselor & mental health trainer for Communities in USA.
She specializes in: Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Rational Emotional therapy, Psychoanalysis Therapy, Gestalt therapy, People-centric therapy and so on.
Scope: personal growth, marital affection, parent-child relationship, social disorder, career stress and other issues.
Message: Open your mind, meet the sun. You deserve a peaceful and joyful life. I will be there .
Appointment: 51551858*0
St.Michael Hospital Psychological Counseling Room (on the 4th floor)


Tue-Sat 9:00-12:00am 1:00-6:00pm